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RENK Marine - Customer newsletter 02/2020

We are pleased to announce the release of the new edition of RENK Marine "Cross Connect" Customer Newsletter!

- Editorial by RENK CEO and GM Special Marine Gears (page 1)
- RENK Propulsion System Design and Integration (page 3)
- RENK on British Combat Ships (page 4)
- Schelde Gears designs Spanish Frigate F-110 Reduction Gear System (page 5)
- Presentation of Marine Products from RENK Hanover (page 6)
- RENK Team Member/News in Brief (page 7)

Selected news:
RENK on British Combat ShipsAfter intensive discussion, BABCOCK International has awarded RENK the contract for the supply of five sets of CODAD gear units for the Royal Navy’s new class of frigate, the Type 31.

This contract marks the first time that RENK will equip a new class of Royal Navy vessels with gear units since the award of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s four “Tide” class MARS tankers in 2012.

Type 31 is based on Babcock’s Arrowhead 140 design, which is modelled on the hull design of the Iver-Huitfeldt class currently in service with the Danish Navy. The vessels will feature a combined diesel and diesel (CODAD) propulsion system, integrating four diesel engines, through RENK gear units to two shaft lines with controllable pitch propellers, which will enable the ship to reach its top speeds.

Building on the recent success of the Type 26 design in Australia’s Hunter Class and the Canada Surface Combatant competitions, the UK MOD ensured that exportability was inherent throughout the evaluation criteria for the T31 competition.

By winning the T31 competition, Babcock demonstrated the credibility of their T31 export proposition, which would be hard to match by other means – not least due to the platforms highly competitive price point and the flexibility and adaptability of the Arrowhead 140 design.
There is already significant international interest in Type 31.

A decisive factor in awarding the contract to RENK was the continuous input during the bidding phase with a comprehensive offer and detailed analysis of the requirements.
In addition to the quality of the gear units, RENK‘s processes play a major role and thus underline the capabilities of a supplier for military applications.

The newsletter is available for download at the following link:

RENK MARINE - CROSS CONNECT - Volume 9 - June 2020

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