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Technology, manufacturing and quality are in accordance with the original MAAG Standard


Spare PartsMAAG/RENK-MAAG gearboxes and couplings are well-known for their proverbial longevity. The availability of your plant is also of the utmost importance to us which can be ensured by stocking key spare parts.


Field Service

“Certified technicians with years of experience inspect and maintain the gearboxes on site. Anywhere in the world”

Professional, swift and customer ­focused – this is the dynamic service team of RENK-MAAG. Our service technicians work tirelessly the world over all year round to install and maintain gearboxes for our customers. Any necessary repairs are undertaken on site wherever possible.


Modifications and repairsRENK-MAAG repairs or overhauls all RENK-MAAG products where necessary. The same applies for all MAAG turbo and marine gearboxes, couplings and GP pumps for which spare parts are manufactured according to original drawings. RENK-MAAG also maintains individual components such as bearings, rotors, turning­gears, etc. and also conducts repairs of third party products.


TestbedAll gearboxes from the RENK-MAAG production facility are rigorously tested with state-of-the-art testbed technology. We can also test gearboxes we have modified on request. Additionally we can also test system components for external companies. The testbed engineering team also has experience with heavy-duty and marine gearboxes, pumps, engines and compressors.



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