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Steam Turbosets

TGM Kanis supplies complete turbo-sets either as a package design or as an individual installation on a concrete foundation. These contain among others the following components:

  • Multi-stage steam turbine
  • Gear box (if required the turbine can be delivered as a direct driving unit)
  • Generator (with 2 poles or 4 poles)
  • Lube and control oil system installed separately, or integrated in package unit
  • Electrical engineering
  • Control system
  • Auxiliary equipment such as condensers, evacuation units, condensate elevation units, secondary cooling systems


Retrofits as well as custom-mades of steam turbosets are also part of our product portfolio


BT/CT Reaction type turbines

TGM Kanis has followed former AEG Kanis´ design principles when developing their own industrial steam turbines. Special effort has been made to achieve a robust design for industrial applications with very high load changes and at the same time high internal efficiencies.


Having standardized the steam turbine frames CT and BT, TGM Kanis is able to cover a very wide range of use and can offer reliable and economical solutions for almost all industrial applications.


Back-pressure turbines (BT)

TGM Kanis supplies back-pressure turbines as reaction-design (frame BT).
These turbines can be equipped with one or more controlled extractions and/or several steam bleeds.





Condensing turbines (CT)

TGM Kanis supplies turbines suitable for condensing applications (frame CT).

These turbines can be equipped with one or more controlled extractions and/or several steam bleeds. 




Heating turbines

For special heating applications like urban district heating or heat generation for industrial processes TGM Kanis developed a special frame. These turbines are in between the BT and CT frame and the exhaust is directly connected to a heating condenser operating in between 0,4 bara and 2,5 bara.  


TS-P Backpressure impulse turbines (acc API611)

The TS-P series was specially developed for mechanical drives (such as pumps, compressors, fans, and so on). The power range is about 300 kW to 1.600 kW. This series complies with the API 611 standard (with deviations).


The TS500 turbine, a special series, was developed for cold start-up (emergency), whenever the immediate operation of the turbine is required. For example: the supply of feed water to the boilers must be assured, otherwise there will be irreversible damages to the boilers. In these conditions, the TS500 comes into operation with its mixed lubrication system (forced feed + oil ring). The housing is equipped with automatic steam traps to ensure the required purges.


The TS1000P turbine is able to be used as mechanical drive and additionally as generator drive. The TS1000P is designed according API611 (with deviations) and able to run also in critical environments like chemical plants, refineries and oil and gas business.


Main mechanical conditions

 Model  Power (max)  Speed 
 Steam condition (max)
[kW] [rpm]  [bar]  [°C] [bar]
 TS500  900  6.000  45  450  4
 TS1000P  1.600  6.000  68  480  15



Selected References

Model Year Customer / End Customer Power
Location Speed
CTE32-42 2015 COMEF 8.500 Desio - Italy 9.600 Generator
CT 40 2014 Enterra 12.850 Foggia - Italy 6.000 Generator
CTEE40+54 2012 Mondi Stambolijiski EAD 17.100 Stambolijiski - Bulgaria 6.800  Generator
CTE 50 2011 Caliqua AG 21.580 Solothum - Switzerland 4.800  Generator
CT50-85 2011 EON Cliamte and
Renewables (ECR)
33.000 Blackburn Meadows -
4.800  Generator
BT40 2010 EON Värme AB 24.500 Orebro - Sweden 6.800  Generator
CTE 50 2008 EON / Myllykoski 44.000 Platting - Germany 5.440  Generator
CTE25 2008 Alpes Energie Bois 4.000 Le Cheylas - France 12.000  Generator
CTE 25 2007 RWE 8.100 Wittgenstein - Germany 10.880  Generator
BTE 63 2006 SAPPI I 30.000 Gratkorn - Austria 3.000  Generator
BT 20 2006 WAB 2.300 Hückelhoven -
12.000  Generator




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