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We are pleased to announce the release of the new edition of RENK Marine "Cross Connect" Customer Newsletter!

- Editorial by RENK CEO and GM Marine (page 1)
- Improve your Parental Design! (page 2)
- RENK hosts Meeting of Maritime Associations (page 3)
- RENK exhibits at DSEu and Kormarine (page 4)
- RENK acquires Damen Schelde Gears (page 5)
- Engineering Team Member (page 6)

Selected news:
Italian Multipurpose Frigate Propulsione passed FATIn 2013, RENK has layed the foundations for the all-new assembly hall with its unique testing facility. The project was ambitious and compared to the former existing test bench it sometimes seemed even oversized. However, the investment proved true. Today, we are able to test under load complex propulsion systems consisting of a gas turbine, two diesel engines and two electric motors like the PPA for the Italian Navy.

After 24 months of engineering, manufacturing, assembly and preparation for the test, the first gear system was ready for the extensive system test. The full-scale system test is set up from five AC motors; each rated at 6,000 kW and two DC motors. One of the AC motors simulates the gas turbine, two of them the diesel engine and the remaining two are used as load at the propeller shafts. The auxiliary gears are driven by the DC motors.

With a total width of approximately 13 meters and a length of 12 meters for the gear system, it is an impressive picture to see the test bench nearly completely covered by the gears and the test equipment. The propulsion system provides up to twenty different modes of propulsion. The auxiliary gear with its electric motor attached provides an economic mode for low speed for maneuvering and patrolling. For transit, the Diesel mode provides fuel-efficient propulsion, sprint speed is covered by the gas turbine and for top Continued from page 1 speed of the vessel the CODAG mode delivers 56,000 kW. All of the operation modes of the propulsion system was tested individually. After five days, the FAT was successfully finished; the seven gears forming the gear system are ready for delivery to the Italian yard Fincantieri. For the attending customer from the yard and the Italian Navy, it was impressive to see the plant for the first time in real size. RENK is proud of the successful test and proved true, that we are a reliable partner for the most challenging and complex customized propulsion systems.

The newsletter is available for download at the following link:

RENK MARINE - CROSS CONNECT - Volume 5 - February 2018 

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